• Spread our vision
    Empower generations through education
  • Take part to major book fairs
    UNESCO World Book Capital 2017 Celebration
  • Promote authors
    Arcbishop Robert Sarah signing his book in Conakry
  • Promote books and authors to support education
    Canadian authors participating to Conakry, UNESCO World Book Capital 2017
  • Areas of focus
    Computer programming
    Digital literacy
    Collect and distribute books

What we do

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Computer programming workshops

Provide regular programming workshops to underserved communities of youth, women, and small business owners to empower them to fully participate to today's digital economy.

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Participate to book fairs

Participate to books fairs in different parts of the country and around the world to build partnership with major printing organizations and writer associations to secure quality books discount or donations.

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Book drives and donations

Conduct books drives or collect STEM books to provide to underserved community members in need to support their education or training.