About Conakry Book Capital N.A


To empower youth and women in underserved communities by promoting education through computer programming and making books accessible.


Integrity, consistency, and compassion.


Be the organization that empowers people to develop themselves, their communities, and country.

Conakry Book Capital N.A is a nonprofit organization that aims to:

  • Promote authors and books to enhance literacy level in our target communities
  • Empower youth and women by providing computer programming training
  • Build partnership with prominent teaching platforms to enhance the quality of the training that we provide
  • Conduct book drives to collect books and distribute to communities with no or limited access to books (libraries)
  • Provide mentor programs to social entrepreneurs in the field of information technology

Emmanuel Bamba

About our Founding President

Our president, Emmanuel Bamba, has been involved in promoting education since early 1998 after graduating from college in Sofia, Bulgaria. He returned to his home country, Guinea, where he started working as a front-end web developer. Since then, Emmanuel has developed the passion to teach young and underprivileged communities. While in Guinea, he began negotiations with his employer, an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The employer agreed to provide free weekend internet access to students from Middle School to University so that they would be introduced to new technology. He successfully trained a group of young students, who in turn trained their peers, empowering them to become entrepreneurs or get highly paid job positions in their careers.

He promotes education through making books accessible with his involvement in Conakry UNESCO World Book Capital 2017, where he volunteers as the Vice-Commissioner for North America since October of 2016. In that capacity he has organized several activities in the US, Canada, and Guinea. The activities range from fundraising to book drives, where a total of 30,000 plus books were collected and distributed in Guinea with the help of individual donors and partner organizations. All the collected funds were used to renovate a location in Nongo Youth Center, Conakry, Guinea to serve as a proximity library, where students and residents of Nongo go to read.

Born in Lola, South-East Guinea, West Africa, Emmanuel Bamba, was very studious in school, loved studying and helping others do the same. He inspired many during his school years, nicknamed "Kant", after the German Philosopher Emmanuel Kant, he finished his high school studies with great distinction and went on to college to study International Law in Bulgaria. It is in Sofia, Bulgaria, where the desire to learn computers and computer networking started with him. He finished his law degree and learned computer programming and he has not departed from that passion ever since.